During these uncertain times, there are many options for moving forward after graduation that will allow you to continue to develop skills and/or secure income.  The Career Center is open and available to assist you with understanding your options and making choices that are best for you.  Here are some options to consider:

Many employers are hiring, but recognize that due to the current situation, many employers are instituting policies that limit external parties from visiting their offices.  As a result, the interview process may be different.  It is important to understand that many employers may have to re-prioritize business functions, so hiring and on-boarding may be delayed until offices are back to normal operating procedures.

But first things first.  Are you ready to start applying yet?  Make sure that you are ready for hire here.

New jobs are approved in Handshake daily.  Check out Find Opportunities for a ton of additional resources!

Pursuing a graduate and professional degree or certificate can be a good chance to gain new skills or change one’s professional focus during an economic downturn. However, deciding to pursue an advanced degree requires careful consideration to find the right program and the right university.

Pitt offers a wide array of professional degree and certificate programs across 14 different schools. Some of these programs are part of a new effort called Pitt2Pitt that offers an easier path to admission and scholarship opportunities specifically for Pitt graduates.

Beyond Pitt programs, the Career Center is prepared to provide you resources and information about graduate and professional program options! With any big decision, it is helpful to speak with a Career Consultant (find yours here!), but here are some resources to get you started.

Postbaccalaureate programs are reserved for students who are working toward a second bachelor’s degree or a second entry degree.  A lot of students use this as an opportunity to complete courses for admission into medical school or other graduate programs.

When you think of a fellowship, your mind might immediately jump to Lord of the Rings.  However, this kind of fellowship is a monetary award given to a scholar to pay for his or her academic pursuits.  It is a merit-based scholarship for advanced study of an academic subject.

The University Honors College lists common fellowships Pitt students can apply for here.

Temporary Employment helps to fill a time-sensitive need for an employer.  Usually a temporary employee comes in after another employee leaves and stays until either a new employee is hired or until a project is completed.  A temporary job can be a great way to create connections at an organization you are interested in working for full-time.  Most temporary positions are secured through Staffing Agencies.

All-Temps is the source of all temporary positions at the University of Pittsburgh.  Temporary roles can last from a few days to a few months, depending on the department’s need.  While there is no guarantee, temporary jobs can lead to full time hires, so they should be taken seriously.

Temporary employment exists in various fields. Please reach out to a Career Consultant if you need help finding the right staffing agency.

Seasonal employment refers to open positions in an organization that are available for only a portion of the year.  Think of summer camp counselors or mall Santas.

New jobs are being approved in Handshake daily, so keep an eye out for opportunities that interest you.

The internship search is not over! You can continue to apply and seek opportunities throughout the spring and into the summer.  New opportunities are being approved in Handshake daily, so keep an eye out for opportunities that interest you.

What if I don’t land an internship for this summer? Can I do something else?

Yes! Employers will always be looking for people with the skills they need.  So any skill-building experience you get this summer will be beneficial, whether it’s a long-term volunteer opportunity, project work, or even a summer job. LinkedIn Learning is also a great way to gain technical skills like coding, design, and programming, and is free to Pitt seniors until the start of the fall semester.  Check out skill building resources here.

A micro-internship is exactly what it sounds like: a small-scale internship. They are, most commonly, remote project-based employment.

For great opportunities curated by Pitt alumni, check out the opportunities at Projects on Pitt Commons.

Other resources include: Parker DeweyParagon OneInsideSherpa, and Riipen.

Contrary to popular belief, a Gap Year is not a whole year wearing khakis.  It’s actually a year taken immediately after graduating high school or college where you can focus on exploring both personally and professionally.

A gap year program can give you time to focus on other goals like pursuing outside the classroom learning or studying for entrance exams like the MCAT or GRE.

Popular Gap Year Programs include Americorps, PULSE, Peace Corps, and Teach for America.  Learn more here.

“Thank you for your service.” It’s something we hear at football games and see on social media frequently. If you are considering serving our country please check out the resources below:



Air Force

Marine Corps

Coast Guard

Questions your military recruiter may ask:

  • What kind of job do you want to have in the military?
  • What is your family situation like?
  • What level of school have you completed?
  • Do you want to complete a college degree or advanced degree?

Questions you should ask the recruiter:

  • What options for student loan repayment are there?
  • What specialties are available that match my skills and education?
  • What service time obligation does each path require?
  • What opportunities are there for further education?

Start your own project, business, or event. Think about what you are interested in, what you can do to take advantage of that interest and advance a cause you believe in or a passion that you have.  It could be a blog, webpage, podcast, event, or anything else you can dream of!

Pitt’s Innovation Institute has a list of resources for you if you’re thinking about starting your own business!

Take part in your communities, they need us now more than ever.

Volunteer to assist an organization that you believe in is always an option and invitations are almost always open, given in the new virtual reality.  This could be delivering food from a food pantry, online tutoring, designing a non-profit’s website, anything!

As a volunteer you can develop the same the kinds of “soft skills” that employers most value and, most important, you’ll be making a contribution to your community.

You can also continue to SERVE PITT through PITT SERVES!  Check out this list of virtual volunteer opportunities.

There’s no better time than the present.  Does your dream job recommend you have a certain certification or require that you are credentialed?  Now is the time to figure that out.  You may not be able to take the tests online, but you can still master the material!  Here is a terrific resource:  Consider a boost to your career and explore credentialing.